Stuart Woods Books in Order

Stuart Woods was a renowned American novelist known for his mystery and suspense novels. He was born in Georgia in 1938 and passed away in 2022. Throughout his prolific career, Woods authored numerous series and standalone novels, with the Stone Barrington series being his most popular. This page provides a comprehensive list of Stuart Woods’ books in order of publication, along with details about his life and work.

Stone Barrington Books in Order

OrderTitlePublicationBuy Link
1New York Dead1991Buy at Amazon
2Dirt1996Buy at Amazon
3Dead in the Water1997Buy at Amazon
4Swimming to Catalina1998Buy at Amazon
5Worst Fears Realized1999Buy at Amazon
6L.A. Dead2000Buy at Amazon
7Cold Paradise2001Buy at Amazon
8The Short Forever2002Buy at Amazon
9Dirty Work2003Buy at Amazon
10Reckless Abandon2004Buy at Amazon
11Two Dollar Bill2004Buy at Amazon
12Dark Harbor2006Buy at Amazon
13Fresh Disasters2007Buy at Amazon
14Shoot Him If He Runs2007Buy at Amazon
15Hot Mahogany2008Buy at Amazon
16Loitering with Intent2009Buy at Amazon
17Kisser2009Buy at Amazon
18Lucid Intervals2010Buy at Amazon
19Strategic Moves2010Buy at Amazon
20Bel-Air Dead2011Buy at Amazon
21Son of Stone2011Buy at Amazon
22D.C. Dead2011Buy at Amazon
23Unnatural Acts2012Buy at Amazon
24Severe Clear2012Buy at Amazon
25Collateral Damage2012Buy at Amazon
26Unintended Consequences2013Buy at Amazon
27Doing Hard Time2013Buy at Amazon
28Standup Guy2014Buy at Amazon
29Carnal Curiosity2014Buy at Amazon
30Cut and Thrust2014Buy at Amazon
31Paris Match2014Buy at Amazon
32Insatiable Appetites2015Buy at Amazon
33Hot Pursuit2015Buy at Amazon
34Naked Greed2015Buy at Amazon
35Foreign Affairs2015Buy at Amazon
36Scandalous Behavior2016Buy at Amazon
37Family Jewels2016Buy at Amazon
38Dishonorable Intentions2016Buy at Amazon
39Sex, Lies & Serious Money2016Buy at Amazon
40Below the Belt2017Buy at Amazon
41Fast and Loose2017Buy at Amazon
42Indecent Exposure2017Buy at Amazon
43Quick & Dirty2017Buy at Amazon
44Unbound2018Buy at Amazon
45Shoot First2018Buy at Amazon
46Turbulence2018Buy at Amazon
47Desperate Measures2018Buy at Amazon
48A Delicate Touch2018Buy at Amazon
49Wild Card2019Buy at Amazon
50Contraband2019Buy at Amazon
51Stealth2019Buy at Amazon
52Treason2020Buy at Amazon
53Hit List2020Buy at Amazon
54Choppy Water2020Buy at Amazon
55Shakeup2020Buy at Amazon
56Hush-Hush2020Buy at Amazon
57Double Jeopardy2021Buy at Amazon
58Class Act2021Buy at Amazon
59Foul Play2021Buy at Amazon
60Criminal Mischief2021Buy at Amazon
61A Safe House2022Buy at Amazon
62Black Dog2022Buy at Amazon
63Distant Thunder2022Buy at Amazon
64Near Miss (With Brett Battles)2023Buy at Amazon
65Smolder (By Brett Battles)2024Buy at Amazon

Holly Barker Books in Order

OrderTitlePublicationBuy Link
1Orchid Beach1998Buy at Amazon
2Orchid Blues2001Buy at Amazon
3Blood Orchid2002Buy at Amazon
4Reckless Abandon2004Buy at Amazon
5Iron Orchid2005Buy at Amazon
6Hothouse Orchid2009Buy at Amazon

Ed Eagle Books in Order

OrderTitlePublicationBuy Link
1Santa Fe Rules1992Buy at Amazon
2Short Straw2006Buy at Amazon
3Santa Fe Dead2008Buy at Amazon
4Santa Fe Edge2010Buy at Amazon

Herbie Fisher Books in Order

OrderTitlePublicationBuy Link
1Barely Legal (With Parnell Hall)2017Buy at Amazon

Rick Barron Books in Order

OrderTitlePublicationBuy Link
1The Prince of Beverly Hills2004Buy at Amazon
2Beverly Hills Dead2008Buy at Amazon

Teddy Fay Books in Order

OrderTitlePublicationBuy Link
1Smooth Operator (With Parnell Hall)2016Buy at Amazon
2The Money Shot (With Parnell Hall)2018Buy at Amazon
3Skin Game (With Parnell Hall)2019Buy at Amazon
4Bombshell (With Parnell Hall)2020Buy at Amazon
5Jackpot (With Bryon Quertermous)2021Buy at Amazon
6Obsession (With Brett Battles)2023Buy at Amazon
7Golden Hour (With Brett Battles)2024Buy at Amazon

Will Lee Books in Order

OrderTitlePublicationBuy Link
1Chiefs1981Buy at Amazon
2Run Before the Wind1983Buy at Amazon
3Deep Lie1986Buy at Amazon
4Grass Roots1989Buy at Amazon
5The Run1995Buy at Amazon
6Capital Crimes2003Buy at Amazon
7Mounting Fears2008Buy at Amazon

Standalone Novels

OrderTitlePublicationBuy Link
1Under the Lake1986Buy at Amazon
2White Cargo1988Buy at Amazon
3Palindrome1990Buy at Amazon
4L.A. Times1993Buy at Amazon
5Heat1994Buy at Amazon
6Dead Eyes1994Buy at Amazon
7Imperfect Strangers1995Buy at Amazon
8Choke1995Buy at Amazon

Non-Fiction Books

OrderTitlePublicationBuy Link
1Blue Water, Green Skipper1977Buy at Amazon
2A Romantic’s Guide to the Country Inns of Britain and Ireland1979Buy at Amazon
3An Extravagant Life2022Buy at Amazon

About Stuart Woods

Stuart Woods was a prolific author who authored multiple series and standalone novels, many of which are set in the same universe. He graduated from the University of Georgia in 1959 and initially worked in advertising before pursuing a writing career. His passion for sailing heavily influenced his early work, leading to the publication of his first book, “Blue Water, Green Skipper,” in 1977.

His breakout novel, “Chiefs,” was adapted into a TV series starring Charlton Heston and Danny Glover, earning several Emmy nominations. Woods’ most notable series is the Stone Barrington novels, which detail the exploits of a former police officer turned lawyer.

Personal Life and Interests

Woods was an avid sailor and pilot. He lived in multiple locations, including Georgia, New York, and Ireland. In 2013, he married Jeanmarie Cooper, and they shared their homes with their dog, Fred.

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